something like...a
writer, researcher, chronicler, essayist, critical of film, book critic, illustrator of bookcover, tutor of philosophy, and creative tutor of creative writing; biographer

PRESENTATIONS, and poster sessions

UK Apr2002
[forthcoming] poster session at conference
"Analysis of Peripheral"
Investigating Musical Performance Conference
Center for the Study of Musical Performance,
Prince Consort Road, London

ITALY Jun2001
plenary session presented
"Drafts of Outlooking: Studies on Memory"
This concentrates on the existence of the world by analyzing the uses of 'outlook'.
51st International Phenomenology Congress
The World Institute for Advanced Phenomenological Research


ITALY Jun2001
[forthcoming] philosophy paper
This concentrates on the existence of the world by analyzing the uses of 'outlook'.
Analecta Husserliana 2002-03
KLuwer Academic Publishers
Dordrecht, The Netherlands

USA Jun2001
essayic verse
"Abstracts as Lyric series, no 12"
One of several verses to reconceptualize rhetoric on the idea of citizen and praxis.
Peace Review Vol 13, no2, 2001
Peace Review V13, n2, Table of Contents
Ed.: University of San Francisco, Publ.: a Taylor and Francis P. Co.


"Stacks #__, Precious Debris"
Here are visual extensions of my fictitious work concerning ' to be ' with the uses of wood and polaroid.
2nd International Triennial of Artist's Books ,
curator: Kestutis Vasiliunas,
catalogue available

"Draft no. 9, Braille on Weave"
A prop art that I created for my film treating direction and perception, by using birthday streamer papers.
World Festival of Art on Paper Exhibtion.
curator: Berislav Valusek,
catalogue available


Independent Thinkers Research Group
- as founder and researcher, I along
with other writers reassess mainstream conceptualizations. Currently focused on the nature of terror and power. Initiated year 2000.[see temporary site]

The WOL Watch 1998 -as editors, I and 'co' write records and commentary,
in monograph-form ,on the Words Of Leaders for future references of their

De Canon Group 1996 -as originator, I (plus an invited group) chair a
performance troupe intent on rethinking what is considered theatrical and
poetic- this performance and mini-conference will not meet again until 2003-4
(let me know ahead of time if you are an interested artist, scholar,
or independent thinker)

ARTICLES non publies.

The following abstracts/papers of mine were accepted for conferences, but for timing and financial reasons I was not able to present.

"A Livened Praxis, A Public Diplomacy"
World Peace Conference
INDIA (Jan 2001)
International Philosophers for Peace

"The Fallible Public"
13th Conference of North American and Cuban Philosophers and Social Scientists
CUBA (July 2001)
Morgan State University, Society for Women in Philosophy, Radical Philosophy Association

"Culture of Subcultures"
XVth International Congress for Aesthetics
JAPAN (Aug 2001)
University of Tokyo, Faculty of Letters

"Analogic god of Vagueness"
Second Principia International Symposium

BRAZIL (Aug 2001)
Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina
Nucleo de Epistemologia e Logico

USA Nov2001
"On Losing Face and Self-Sacrifice"
International Conference on Terrorism

Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, Organisateur: Prof.Nazir Mughal

VOLUMES, unpublished

Condition Conflict, initiated 2000
Rhetoric and Being, Vol. I, initiated 1997
by 29, Vol. I initiated 1996

some education:
Gordon Technical High School 1998-1992 hs-degree;
University of Illinois, Urbana-champaign 1992-3, 1994-5, 1995-6 - NO degree
if you must: aceron@usa.com

enough bios in the world, and so:
I was born in 1973(74);in Manila;partly raised in Chicago.
I was a Page : ) in DC for a little while. currently a transient.

And I am only now learning french, german, and danish.

People's lives are another world. It fascinates the brain- which is that much curious. I have discovered that there are nuances in one's life that is/ can become that which is forgotten or relegated. I like to remember people. So I read them in the figurative sense; and I'd love to write on them. Life is as short as they say; but I like to extend all lives through transcending print.

main objective: in general, to be able to look back
by my 29th year and say
'now that was a life!'